How to punctuate dialogue

No story is complete without dialogue yet punctuating speech is many a writer’s bane. Where do those pesky commas go? How do you indicate multiple speakers? And how on earth do you format speech?! Books need dialogue. But get the punctuation wrong and you risk drawing your reader out of the story; the one thingContinue reading “How to punctuate dialogue”

The magic of freewriting and how it can help writer’s block

Writer’s block. The bane of just about every writer. Staring at a blank page with no idea what you’re going to write about brings all manner of emotions. And a lot of the time, once you’ve been hit with writer’s block, it takes some doing to get out of it. If you asked just aboutContinue reading “The magic of freewriting and how it can help writer’s block”

The (mis)adventures of a little green hero: Part 2

When the first glimpse of morning reared, she found herself curled up in her woollen blanket, like a small child hiding from the horrors of the night. And just like a drunken orc, she couldn’t even remember going to bed in the first place. Shaking off the previous day, she got up from the featheredContinue reading “The (mis)adventures of a little green hero: Part 2”

The (mis)adventures of a little green hero: Part 1

The cold stone floor bit at her underneath the ragged brown robes she had habitually donned for this kind of work, ever since the first explosion left her a combination of luminous orange and purple. Several months on and you can still see the orange powdery substance ingrained into the wrinkles of her face. WhetherContinue reading “The (mis)adventures of a little green hero: Part 1”